There is always something to do at RockRidge River Retreat. You can enjoy early morning fishing on over a mile of Potts Creek River that bisects the porperty. Rainbow trout and other species abound in the river. Or if pond fishing is more your style we have that as well. Fishing is always a great way to see many of the properties hidden treasures along the river.

The river also provides other activities. Kayaking, Swimming and the favorite,  floating the river. Not much better then floating slowly down the river on a warm sunny summer day enjoying your favorite drink and hoping you don't get to wet on the falls run.

If seeing the forest mountains is more your style then take the climb up Billygoat trail.  A vertical climb of 750 feet over loose rock will surely get your heart pounding. Once over the initial climb you can start looking for the Blow Hole. A cavern air hole that releases constant temperature air all year long. Or you can continue to climb Billygoat trail to the turn and head for a long workout till you find the canyon. A large crack in the mountain that has spectacular views. Or you can push on till you hit the summit.

If hiking is to much, you can always grab one of the Rhino ATV's and take a fast ride up the mountain. With many trails to explore, the ride can take hours...

How about those that prefer biking. Then just climb Billygoat trail and break off to Bobcat trail and ride a up and down workout till you drop out of the forest and return back to RockRidge River Retreat.

If a casual walk is more your cup of tea, the river walk will surely relax you as the trail meandors along the river. Flowers and natural beauty abound.

Not enough to where you out, then give us a call and we can arrange for horseback riding, hunting, atv adventures, and golf cart runs. We have it all at RockRidge River Retreat!

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